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Pete Sturges.  The attorney you need when you need an attorney.


Pete's personal philosophy about legal matters sets him apart from most lawyers.  In his view, the lawyer should be part of the solution, and not be the cause of the problem.  Pete sincerely cares about his clients--they are real people to him, not just a way of making a buck.

Pete firmly believes in working to resolve problems before they become full-blown legal disputes.  Attorneys often are in a position to work with problems and make them go away before attorneys have to battle it out in court.  Pete tries to find out what the parties really want and to mediate a solution to the issue before his clients waste time and money in often unnecessary legal battles.

As everyone knows, trying to "work it out" doesn't always work.  If so, Pete doesn't hesitate to step up to the plate for his clients when the situation arises.  He has the experience and the skills to mount a strong legal defense or aggressively pursue legal rights,  both in and out of the courtroom.

Pete has worked across the table from attorneys from law firms both big and small over the years.  He has handled cases ranging from individual claims to local business business disputes to State-wide litigation.   He has ably dealt with attorneys from every walk of legal practice.

Pete Sturges has been an attorney for over two decades.  He got his start in a large firm in San Francisco where he practiced commercial litigation in the areas of employment law and construction disputes.  While there, he was given broad responsibility and gained invaluable experience in litigating complex and contentious cases.

Wanting something more, Pete then moved on to work in the field of education law.  In that practice, he worked as an employment lawyer, a litigator, handled construction disputes, and advised clients on business matters.  He was a partner at two of the State's most highly regarded education law firms and was responsible for bringing dozens of cases to satisfactory conclusion over the years.  He also served as outside general counsel for many California public school districts, county offices of education, and other public entities. 


While in these jobs, Pete has handled employment and business cases, disability and discrimination claims, education law, public and private entity matters, and students and special education cases.

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