Business Law

Legal Services for Small Business

What if they held a trial and nobody came?

We pride ourselves in assisting with proactive measures designed to avoid liability.  Any attorney can take a senselessly aggressive stance that, in the long run, winds up wasting time and expense for everyone involved.  We look to resolve our clients' problems before they become full-blown legal issues.  Good attorneys are often in the position to get a matter fixed behind the scenes, and we pride ourselves in our ability to do that.

But what if I still need an attorney to go to bat for me?

We can to that, too.  Sometimes, you have no choice but to take a firm stance in order to stop the other side from denying you your legal rights or take advantage of you.  We are experienced litigators and are well-versed in court processes and trials.  We also have successfully concluded numerous cases at the arbitration and mediation level.

Contracts, Policies, & Procedures

We can review and help draft your business documents, including such things as contracts, internal procedures, business policies, employee manuals, waivers and releases, and business forms.

Business & Construction Disputes

We provide support with respect to day to day business transactions, including contract enforcement, maintaining claims, vendor agreements, business disputes, and negotiations.  We also represent owners, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and design professionals (architects and engineers) in construction project disputes.

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