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Disability Access & Accommodation - Working Towards Solutions

A common misperception exists that disability accommodation is both expensive and burdensome.  In reality, data collected on disability claims shows that the average workplace accommodation can be made for less than $500.  There are many reasons why the employer and the employee both should want to reach agreement on accommodation.  Often, disabled employees for whom accommodations are made are more loyal to their employer and make better employees.  We can help the parties come to an agreement about reasonable accommodation and access issues.

Disability Discrimination - Claims and Litigation

There are times when an employer and employee simply cannot agree on the accommodation being requested.  We have litigated a number of cases involving disability discrimination, including failure to accommodate, retaliation, wrongful termination and violation of public policy claims.

Age Discrimination - The Problem That Won't Go Away

Everyone these days knows of an older worker who has been terminated or laid off and who cannot find new, gainful employment.  It is often easier for employers to replace "expensive" older employees with "inexpensive" younger ones.  This type of near-sighted approach fails to take into account the older worker's greater knowledge and experience.  The law does not permit employers to discriminate against employees because of their age.  We can help address issues that arise when older workers are "separated" from their employment.

Sexual Harrassment and Sexual Orientation

Unfortunately, sexual harassment remains commonplace in the work environment even though everyone has heard of it and knows that it is prohibited.  We train businesses in how to avoid sexual harassment claims and what types of conduct are not permitted.  We also conduct sensitive and discreet investigations of sexual harassment claims.

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