It is a fact of life that sometimes parents and students get into disputes with their schools and school districts, often due to circumstances beyond their control.  From privacy issues to sexting, to student discipline, sometimes you just have to have legal representation to make sure that your and your children's rights are being protected.   With years of experience working for school districts, we can provide effective support in resolving differences with your school districts.

Student Discipline and Expulsions

School Processes and Procedures

Liability Claims

Sexting, Texting and Technology Issues

Student conduct is governed by an often complex set of laws and school-site rules.  Students can quickly get into trouble and find themselves in the middle of suspension and expulsion proceedings.  These proceedings can have a lasting and negative effect, including the college admissions process.  We can help ensure that the proper procedures are followed, that the student's case is made, and that a reasonable resolution of the matter with the school district is achieved.

Public and private schools in California are governed by hundreds of complex laws.

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, parents and students find themselves in the position of having to make a liability claim against a school district.  We provide support with respect to following the public entity claims process, appropriate demand letters, and the filing of legal process if needed to obtain redress.

The landscape concerning student technology use continues to develop at a rapid clip and is marked by new and inventive ways students find to get in trouble with their electronic devices.  Texting?  Sexting?  YouTube?  Facebook?  Twitter?  Data tampering?  We can help with all of these issues.

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